In this modern times there are plenty of reasons why your website needs to be optimized. The most important thing is that your visitors deserve fast page load. But for your business growth it is also very important how search engines as Google , Yahoo , Bing etc rank your website. The main reason for that is because from that depends the amount of traffic your website will receive. We can offer you 100% optimization of your website, which means we will make your website much faster and top ranked among the search engines. This process is done by professionals who are best in what they do. In the process itself the quality of your website will not decrease in any way, only your speed and optimization will increase.

website optimization
Remove query strings from static resources Avoid a character set in the meta tag Specify a character set early Prefer asynchronous resources Avoid CSS @import Combine images using CSS sprites Serve resources from a consistent URL Optimize the order of styles and scripts Minimize request size Minimize redirects Inline small JavaScript Inline small CSS Enable gzip compression Minify CSS Minify HTML Avoid bad requests Minify JavaScript Optimize images Serve scaled images Leverage browser caching Defer parsing of JavaScript Complete in only 96 hours